Hello! My name is Carlie Scheff. Artist, explorer, and Air Force spouse. I thoroughly enjoy traveling, learning, and morning coffee. I have always been a creative at heart, a trait that is consistent with my art-filled upbringing and schooling in Studio Art. I simply love the process of creating. This passion has lead me to explore a range of mediums including jewelry design, painting, photography, graphic design, and sculpture. Careful observation of the environment around never fails to teach me something new. Making nature-inspired art was a natural response to experiencing the beauty and intricacy of this wonderful world we live in.

About The Work

I use a range of equipment and techniques to create ethereal photographs and mixed media pieces. I aim to convey mood by emphasizing the movement, textures, and colors found in the natural world.

My Mission

To create meaningful and beautiful pieces of work that capture the spiritual essence of nature and connect on a deep level with the human heart.